Government minister authorizes transfer of teaching and non-teaching staff from aided madarsas

The UP government on Wednesday passed an ordinance authorizing the transfer of teaching and non-teaching staff from aided madarsas. Female Madarsa State Council staff will now also be granted maternity and childcare leave.

Denmark’s Minister of State (Minority Welfare) Raza said the decision was taken after holding consultations with staff members and teachers at the madarsas.

“A decree has been issued to transfer teachers/non-teaching staff from assisted madrassas with the approval of the directors of the madrassas and with the approval of the Registrar, UP Madarsa Education Council,” it said in a statement. “Up to now, transfer within the Council was not allowed for teaching and non-teaching staff,” he added.

“The rules of the new order will also allow the dependent of a deceased member of staff to obtain the position in place of the deceased. This will be done after obtaining the consent of the district minority welfare officer or madarsa director. In accordance with the new rules, female employees working in madrasas will be granted maternity leave and childcare leave in light of the rules applicable to the Department of Secondary and Basic Education,” said the minister.

The government has also announced that it will conduct a survey of unrecognized madarsas in the state to gather information on the number of teachers, curriculum and basic facilities available, among others.

Ansari said the government would carry out the investigation in accordance with the requirements of the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights regarding the availability of basic facilities for students in madarsas. “The investigation will begin soon,” PTI quoted the minister as saying.

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During the survey, details such as the name of the madarsa and the institution that operates it, whether it operates in a private or rented building, the number of students studying there, and information regarding the facilities Drinking water, furniture, electricity supply and toilets will be collected, Ansari said. —With PTI


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