God’s Favorite – A Vibrant Must-Read Children’s Book Teaching Children About God’s Promises

With colorful illustrations and rhyming phrases, God’s Favorite uses the scriptures to teach children about God’s promises in a fun and positive way!

Brizee Editions aims to bring diversity and representation to children’s literature through their books and products. As seen on Good Morning America with their first collection of books, The Black Kid Magic Series featuring Amazon’s best-selling children’s book, little black girl, which inspires confidence in children of color. They have continued this mission with their latest release, God’s favoritewhich features kids from all backgrounds and abilities and focuses on teaching kids God’s promises in a fun and positive way!

Brizee Publishing is dedicated to creating and promoting various books that will affirm the uniqueness of children and create a positive self-image. Author Brittany Green wanted to create a children’s book to help instill God’s love in the hearts of children. Her latest book teaches children about God’s love in a fun, warm, and unique way. It contains 15 positive and affirmative Bible verses encouraging children to know that God loves them.

Brittany Green enjoys writing lesson-oriented children’s books with a strong underlying message. Her books focus on positive social, emotional, and behavioral lessons that resonate with children. A variety of cultures and ethnicities are represented in his books.

Asked about the purpose of this book, author Brittany Green said: I believe that every child deserves to see themselves in literature. My mission is to publish books that build confidence in young readers, showcasing them in everyday situations and in ways they never thought possible. Celebrating their diversity and uniqueness while helping them feel seen and included. God’s Favorite is a fun, child-friendly, God-honoring children’s book that shows how much God loves every child and how to love and accept each other.

God’s Favorite is a fun tool for parents and teachers to teach their children and/or students about the scriptures and the meaning behind them. God’s favorite would be great for Sunday school classes, Christian summer camps, day care centers, or any other setting where kids want to learn about God’s love and care. The book is now available on Amazon and can also be purchased directly from the author at brizeepublishingllc.com

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