Girls Mentoring Group Observes 2022 Annual Conference

The LEAD International Project successfully celebrated its 2022 edition of the annual International Day of the Girl Child conference.

This year’s conference, which marked the third edition, was held on Friday at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The LEAD project, which has teenage girls as its target age group, had high school female students from public and private schools well represented and the event was made colorful with the spectacle of unique uniforms that identified with their schools.

According to Founder, Amaka Amalu, this year’s edition is technology driven as virtually everything in the world has gone digital and the girl child should be equipped with the right information on how to meet the challenges of today’s digital world. today and be able to maximize the opportunities that the digital age has to offer, which is why the third edition had the theme “A girl in a digital world”.

Amalu added that the LEAD project has had traceable impacts with its previous editions, starting with the first edition held in 2020, adding that he is set to do more as the project was designed to respond to the need to guide young girls and help them build their leadership skills. for future leadership positions.

“We understand that everything has gone digital. The truth is that technology is a major platform on which you can build anything else. So what we say to these girls is don’t close your eyes to everything around you. Don’t close your ears to what’s going on around you. You have to start understanding what technology is so you can move forward in life,” she said.

For her part, the event’s keynote speaker who currently acts as Ecosystem Development Manager at Microsoft, Sefunmi Wande-Durojaye, explained to the young girls how to meet the challenges of today’s digital world and become a high-flying career woman.

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