Free “Apple Learning Coach” Program Now Accepting Applications from Educators and Coaching Specialists Across the U.S. Through November 16

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Apple has launched its second cohort of Apple Learning Coach nationwide, a free professional learning program to help educators train teachers on how to get the most out of Apple products. The program, available to instructional coaches, digital learning specialists, and other coaching educators across the United States, is now accepting applications through November 16, 2022.

Through a mix of self-paced lessons and virtual workshop sessions with Apple Professional Learning Specialists, participants exit the experience with a coaching portfolio, peer cohort, and the ability to claim credits. in continuing education at Lamar University.

“For more than four decades, Apple has worked alongside teachers to help students create, solve problems and express themselves in new ways. We designed Apple Learning Coach to help teachers use technology in the classroom,” said Susan Prescott, vice president of education and corporate marketing at Apple. “Apple Learning Coach is already having a real impact on teachers and their students, helping to build a strong foundation for creativity and lifelong learning.”

The largest cohort to date was certified in July, and there are now more than 1,600 Apple Learning Coaches in 49 states, plus Washington, DC

“Technology is helping students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills, which are much needed for future career opportunities,” said Heidi Westrop, Wasatch County School District Education Coach and Apple Certified Learning Coach based in Utah. “It’s my job to empower teachers in our district to spark the unique creativity of all students. Apple Learning Coach has given me the tools and resources to work with teachers with varying levels of technology experience to design, deliver, and reflect on engaging learning experiences that can expand classroom walls and celebrate unique talents of each child.

Anyone Can Create Projects is a new online series of quick and easy tutorials and downloadable resources to inspire new ideas and bring creativity to any subject on iPad.

Along with the new Apple Learning Coach cohort, Apple continues to add more resources for teachers.

The Apple Education Community is now live and growing with valuable content from educators around the world. The Community is a professional learning hub designed for teachers who use Apple technology, and includes the Learning Center with self-paced professional learning and the Forum, a collaborative space where teachers can connect and share with each other. with the others.

Within the Apple Education community, Apple has released Anyone Can Create Projects, a new online series of quick and easy tutorials and downloadable resources to inspire new ideas and bring creativity to any subject. Anyone Can Create is designed to empower teachers to develop their creative teaching skills and deliver engaging learning experiences on iPad.

New “Anyone Can Create” projects include:

  • Create with Shapes in Keynote to help students visualize anything they can imagine, from math concepts to artwork.
  • Animate with Stop Motion using Photos and Keynote to tell engaging stories with everyday objects.
  • Create editing effects with iMovie.
  • Write your first song with GarageBand.

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New updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote will allow users to view recent activity in collaborative files and receive notifications when people join, comment and make changes.

Updates to Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Swift Playgrounds

Pages, Numbers and Keynote, popular apps used in education, are being updated to give users the ability to view recent activity in collaborative files and receive notifications when people join, comment and contribute. changes. All three apps now allow users to automatically remove the background from images, and users can remove or replace the background from live video objects in Keynote.

Swift Playgrounds now helps users learn the basics of machine learning by training a model with a simple game of rock, paper, scissors, demonstrating how computers make predictions from data. Additional walkthroughs show how to organize app layouts by creating a journal app. Swift Playgrounds doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for those just starting out, and it uses Swift, the powerful programming language used by professionals around the world to quickly bring their ideas to life.

Updates to iWork and Swift Playgrounds support new desktop iPad features on iPadOS 16, including a customizable toolbar, new documents menu, and support for Stage Manager, allowing students and teachers to do it more easily on iPad.

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  • The Apple Education Community is available now. (1)
  • The new Anyone Can Create projects are available in the Apple Education Community.
  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote come pre-installed on every new iPhone, iPad and Mac, and updates are free on the App Store.
  • Swift Playgrounds is available as a free download from the App Store. The latest updates require iPad devices running iPadOS 16 or later and Mac devices running macOS Ventura or later.
  • More details are available at

(1) The Learning Center offers hundreds of free resources in 16 languages. Forum content is available to all users worldwide. Today, the Forum’s collaboration features are available in English to community members in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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