Five years of mentoring support


Intandem supports young people on probation

We all need consistent relationships and trust. For young people who have caregiving experience, these relationships can sometimes be lacking. The long-term presence of a trusted and supportive adult can make all the difference in the trajectory of their life.

We are celebrating five years of Intandem, Scotland’s national mentoring program. Funded by the Scottish Government and implemented by Inspiring Scotland, the program connects young people and volunteer mentors to build meaningful, supportive and lasting relationships.

Since 2016, Intandem has been supporting young people kept at home on probation (CSO). While being in care is often linked to social disadvantage, children and young people in home care have the lowest scores of all young people in Scotland, through no fault of their own. intandem helps these young people develop positive relationships with a trusted adult role model. Weekly mentoring provides a space for these relationships to flourish.

Intandem is a community mentoring program, with meetings taking place outside of the school environment. Over the past five years, Intandem has trained 733 volunteers and coordinated 450 games. With over 3,500 children and young people in Scotland currently living at home as part of a CSO, it is essential that we continue to invest in them with mentoring support, so that these children do not fall through the cracks. net.

We know that work in tandem. The average match lasts 17 months, providing the youngsters with long-term stability and support. Youth mentees consistently report a range of positive results, including improved self-esteem (62%), increased community engagement (64%), and better friendships (64%). With Covid-19 causing increased feelings of anxiety and isolation, it’s more crucial than ever that all young people have the opportunity to form meaningful relationships.

With Intandem, Inspiring Scotland is committed to helping Scotland #Keep the promise, a commitment to incorporating the voices of young people with experience in care when making decisions about the Scottish care system. As part of this commitment, intandem is organizing a Youth Forum, where young people with experience in care can express themselves on the problems closest to them. The intandem staff are also currently working with an experienced caregiver, to help shape the intandem work as we look to the future.

intandem is made possible by the commitment of its funder, the Scottish Government. It also depends on the dedication of volunteers and the commitment of the program’s 12 charitable partners, who work tirelessly to coordinate matches across Scotland. These charities are committed to matching more young people with mentors, to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to thrive.

Intandem has a bold and ambitious vision – that the children, youth and families of Scotland can stay together to build and maintain positive and loving relationships. intandem is currently established in 19 local communities and aims to develop even further.

As we continue to grow, Intandem can help Scotland #KeepThePromise to all experienced infants, children, adolescents, adults and their families – may every child grow up loved, safe and respected, able to reach their full potential.

Julia Abel is Head of Development and Partnerships at Inspiring Scotland


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