Family and Child Development Coaching with Phoebe MacRae

“Phoebe MacRae, classical singer and brain connection expert, helps children with disabilities live beyond limits.”

Maximize children’s potential by forming new brain patterns and connections

PORTLAND, GOLD – Infancy and toddlerhood are widely considered to be the most critical stages of brain development. Yes, the brain changes throughout life, but from birth until around age seven, children are constantly forming new brain patterns. This is the time when parents can step up their leadership role to support their children’s development.

Children who have missed developmental milestones or disabilities, in particular, often need exceptional leaders to fully access their learning brains. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, including the use of face masks, increased screen use and rising levels of anxiety among children and adults, children need the leadership of their parents to optimize their baby’s development in terms of speech, language and social skills. .

Phoebe MacRae, CEO of Brilliant Movement, Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® practitioner and creator of the Simple Songs and Gentle Moves program, helps parents learn how to be fantastic leaders for their child(ren). Parents learn to form rich and dynamic bonds with their developing children in a time when life is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to her expertise and credentials as a coach, Phoebe has extensive musical experience. She is an award-winning graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Master of Music program and has been singing professionally for 25 years.

As a professional coach, lifelong singer, and mother of three, Phoebe brings a unique skill set and perspective to family and child development coaching. Her Simple Songs and Gentle Moves program combines natural, easy and brain-boosting NeuroMovement® exercises with the gentle power of music. Under her guidance, parents learn to sing and play with their babies or young children in a way that optimizes their little brain for connection and development. During the program, parents gain a better understanding of the growing brain and how brain patterns are formed. They learn slow, gentle movements that generate new possibilities for learning and functioning.

Unlike many therapists and coaches who seek to “fix” or solve a problem, Phoebe is much more focused on guiding her students down a path that will help them easily form new brain connections and intelligence, by optimizing their physical, mental and emotional abilities. well-being.

“The process I use is a paradigm shift from traditional therapies (physical, occupational, speech/language) that focus on ‘fixing’ the child. I focus on connecting rather than fixing. This approach provides the best conditions for brain connections to form easily and naturally, resulting in endless potential for growth.

Raising children during a pandemic is no small feat and Phoebe is committed to ensuring that parents receive all the support they need at this time, whether their child is born with or without a disability. As a result, the 60-minute Simple Songs and Gentle Moves program is now offered virtually worldwide.

For more information about Phoebe, Brilliant Movement and her Simple Songs and Gentle Moves program, visit her website today. Parents can find out if it would work for them and their kids by booking a free 20-minute discovery call with Phoebe here.

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