Eric Bieniemy is still convinced he will land a head coach position eventually


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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been one of the NFL’s most prominent head coach candidates for years, but so far he hasn’t received an offer. Nonetheless, Bieniemy believes he will one day be a head coach.

Bieniemy is interviewed in John Feinstein’s book Raise your fist, put on one knee, and he expresses his confidence that a job offer is coming.

“I have to take the approach that these jobs weren’t meant to be the job I get,” Bieniemy says, via the Kansas City Star. “I know that I will find a job because I know that if I keep working at what I’m doing and we continue to be successful, sooner or later someone is going to sit in a room with me and say, “You’re the guy. “. I just have to be patient.

At the league level, the NFL has said it sees increasing the number of black head coaches as a priority. But Bieniemy’s inability to secure a head coaching job has raised questions about whether individual teams have the same priorities.

“I know when someone hires, they’re not just looking for talent, necessarily, or what’s on your resume,” Bieniemy said. “They want to feel comfortable with this person. I haven’t been in too many interviews where the guy interviewing me looked like me. Or I guess you could tell where I looked like him.

Bieniemy is in his fourth year as the Chiefs offensive coordinator. Previously, he had spent five seasons as the Chiefs running back coach. Overall, he has 21 years of coaching experience in the NFL and at the college level, after a nine-year playing career.


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