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SPRING MILLS, W.Va. (WDVM) – For so many West Virginia families, these are stressful times, but a nonprofit is reaching out to help kids overcome any challenges.

Six people in a small community in the Eastern Enclave are making a big difference for children. Chris Stevens had to face his own battles while being raised in West Virginia’s fastest growing region. Her family, like so many others, had to deal with drug addiction in the household. He and like-minded parents want the next generation of children growing up here to have positive influences in their lives, their hope and their opportunities.

“Some of their parents actually lost their jobs because of COVID,” Stevens explained. “Some of the parents are single parents with a few kids and just aren’t able to spend the extra money to buy all the school supplies they need.”

That’s why he and his neighbor Laurie Scott, also a parent, started Vividvision to reach this generation of children. Laurie grew up in a single parent family and her brother struggled with addiction. Laurie and Chris reached out to others with the same “vision”.

“We started with just six like-minded people,” Scott said. “They had a vision and they had a dream and we built it from scratch.”

They get backpacks for children and engage them in constructive projects. They ultimately want a facility with professional child therapists for their business.

“Especially with the world we live in right now, everything is so stressful, so we would love to be able to alleviate some of that stress for the parents and for the kids,” Scott said.

They want VividVision to leave a legacy.

“Maybe one of those kids we’re helping in 10 or 15 years will remember that we helped them, and that might inspire them to do the same thing we’re doing in 15 or 20 years,” Steven said.

That’s a long-term vision for VividVision, but for now they’re just focusing on having a healthy family event in the area to observe Halloween. While VividVision was launched in Berkeley County, it also expanded to neighboring Jefferson and Morgan counties.


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