“During teaching, a miracle happens from time to time”: Abraar Ahmed

How long have you been teaching?

I was education over the past 14 years; I started in 2008.

What attracted you to the profession?

Pursuing teaching was not a sudden decision. I am the eldest in my family and started out teaching my younger siblings. There were also other cousins. I was fascinated by the idea that an idea in your brain, can within 15 minutes (after teaching) get into someone else’s brain. It’s a miracle that I experienced when I was probably in seventh grade. In college, my elders suggested I go into the field of education. I told them that I would rather teach middle school students than school ones. They advised me not to despise the profession and that I could conceive different ways of teaching students. During this time, I was leading study circles in college and earned the nickname teacher among my friends. I then had this desire to work in a school, where there would be a lot of students. It was flashes of inspiration that gave me purpose in life.

What was your best moment as a teacher?

There is no specific time but “the best time” happens every other day. For example, when I teach a difficult concept like counting. When they start to understand, their face lights up, it’s so charming. It’s just something one teacher can experience — the powerful sense of a child’s potential. There are days when you completely fail or the kids aren’t in the mood. But something beautiful happens once in a while.

And your worst moment?

Again, not a specific moment but a multitude of experiences. Every few months, you should meet with the parents at the parent-teacher meeting. And then you get a relative who doesn’t like the way their child spoke to them or wasn’t able to answer their question. They doubt the child and the teacher. These kind of meetings can be a mini hell. You can’t get into a battle of wits and then you find out which stakeholder needs which type of treatment.

What are your future goals as a teacher?

Teaching is a high-energy profession where you have to talk constantly. However, little by little I would like to detach myself from this job and sit quietly at a table to be able to write books. I’ve always wanted to get into literature. I wrote short stories and had a list of my favorite Russian authors. I would also like to write about education. This field has shaped me enormously. I already have a collection of anecdotes and observations that I have accumulated over the past 14 years.

As said to Aditya Vaddepalli

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