Dorcas reaches out teaching parents the alphabet in their own language

POLOKWANE – “My wish is that every child also reads at home,” said Dorcas Maphalle, who decided to reach out and educate the parents of Gr RR and Gr R children.

Maphalle is a basic stage teacher who wants to teach parents the alphabet in their own language. A few years ago, she acquired posters and signs with words and letters printed on them, which she donates to parents in need.

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“Teachers often give homework to learners with the idea that parents could help them, but some parents cannot read or write themselves. I give parents a chart and tell them to put it in their bedroom, where it’s the first thing they see each morning. I also teach them how the letters sound and how to recognize them, so they learn to read.

Maphalle believes that you don’t teach and learn in an environment defined as a classroom alone, but everything you do can become a learning experience.

“While you are cooking, you can ask your child to bring two potatoes. Then you have to know how to count to know how many potatoes to bring. As you play and jump with your kids, you can teach them to count their reps. Not only will they learn, but you and your child will get healthy exercise. Shapes and colors can also be taught anytime and anywhere. The shape of your keychain or the color of the walls are examples of things you can point out to them.

Maphalle has decided to donate her time, knowledge and resources because she feels it is time to take education seriously.

She also founded a non-governmental organization called Ithute Segageno. “It means ‘learn your language’. I would like help with registering the organization and need sponsors to get more educational materials. Anyone who can help is welcome. »

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