Donegal Sports Partnership Coaching Programs Focused on Children and Adolescents


Donegal Sports Partnership will be rolling out a number of Sport Ireland training programs over ten evenings in November, focusing on training children and adolescents.

The workshops are open to coaches and volunteers from the club, community, school, sport and physical activity, and are aimed at both new and experienced coaches.

Sport Ireland Coaching has developed four modules to provide candidates with a basic understanding of children’s sport and physical activity and the best ways to optimize children’s enjoyment, participation and positive outcomes. The concepts of physical literacy and holistic development are found throughout the series of workshops and will be covered in detail.

All four workshops are designed to be interactive and provide coaches with opportunities to network with other children’s coaches.

Sport Ireland Coaching sees these workshops as the first step in development and hopes to build on these workshops to develop a comprehensive education system for all those involved in children’s sport.

The modules are distributed as follows:

Module 1 – Successfully Coaching Children in Sport – An Introduction for Coaches.

Module 2 – Child-Centered Coaching – Understanding child development and learning and its impact on the way we coach.

Module 3 – Developing physical literacy through sport 1 – Train children to move.

Module 4 – Developing physical literacy through sport 2 – Train children to think.

The coaching modules will take place on Tuesday November 9, Thursday November 11, Tuesday November 16, Thursday November 18, Tuesday November 23 and Thursday November 25.

Each session will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. via Zoom.

Train girls in sport

The Coaching Teenage Girls in Sport workshop is designed specifically to support coaches of girls ages 12-17. The workshop was developed to enable coaches to create a positive sport and physical activity experience for girls in their formative years and to provide an environment where girls and young women can develop holistically.

Coaches create a positive environment that encourages safety, fun and healthy competition. Additionally, it is essential to employ supportive coaching practices that reward the effort of trying a new skill rather than winning, encourage learning from mistakes while remaining positive, and promote integrity and honesty.

Coaching Girls in Sport will cover the following topics: retention, psychosocial needs, coach-athlete relationships, communication and body image.

This workshop will take place on Tuesday November 30 and Thursday December 2 between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. via Zoom.

The cost for coaching children is € 20, while the cost for coaching teenagers is € 5.

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