Dolphins head to Championships with new coaching staff – The Free Press

As the Dolphins head toward the end of the short course season, the team has beefed up its coaching staff. In February, Spencer Robertson joined the team as the new assistant coach.

Spencer Robertson grew up swimming competitively for HYACK in Coquitlam. He specialized in backstroke and then breaststroke, excelling in the 200 meter events. Eventually he moved on to the Marlins, a summer club, where he also began coaching. Robertson is highly recommended by this program.

Spencer Robertson and his wife Karen moved to Fernie in 2019, seeking work-life balance. “We wanted to start a family and were drawn to the lifestyle of raising a child in a small town.” Their wish came true with the birth of their son Kai, in January 2021. The training schedule fits perfectly with Robertson’s commitment to parenthood.

“I love swimming,” says Robertson. He remembers being drawn to the sport from an early age. In addition to his competition and training time, he was also a lifeguard for twelve years.

Robertson says he’s drawn to coaching because of all the lessons it has to offer kids. “I love seeing the dedication of children and seeing that dedication turn into rewards.”

Robertson’s goal for the club is “to make beautiful, graceful swimmers, then speed comes naturally.” Robertson especially wants to help Fernie athletes develop a feel for the water. “You can’t exactly teach the feel of water, but you can guide swimmers to it.”

Shortly after Robertson joined the club, Aidan Chudleigh returned in the role of head coach. Chudleigh had already started doing junior coaching planning and mentoring from Australia before Christmas, after being away from Fernie for over a year. He then returned to the deck on Monday, February 14.

Chudleigh intended to return home to Australia on a more permanent basis, but found he missed Fernie, particularly the connection to the outdoors and the workforce. The Elk Valley Dolphins were thrilled to welcome him back. Chudleigh’s enthusiasm, expertise in sport, connection to athletes, creative practices and energetic commitment to the team make him a deeply valued leader.

“I’m looking forward to building on all the great work that’s been done this season,” said Chudleigh.

Several Dolphins will compete in the BC Northern and Interior Divisional Championship the weekend of Feb. 26 under coach Aidan.

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