CTV Northern Ontario: Search and rescue training simulation takes place in Sudbury

Police and the North Shore Search and Rescue team conducted a mock search throughout the day Thursday in a wooded area in Hanmer.

The scenario was to look for a father who was picking up his young child from the mother.

“He was supposed to come to Hanmer to visit his parents, but he never came home,” said Const. Kevin Tremblay with Greater Sudbury Police Services.

“Later that evening there were reports he had been in a collision nearby. He left before the police arrived.”

“During further investigation, his vehicle has been located on the road from where we are being staged from at this time and there is concern for the well-being of the father and seven-month-old child. “, he added.

Tremblay said this is an annual session where the search and rescue team joins members of different units within the police department to train and ensure they are up to date on practices. current.

“If an officer hasn’t participated in a search for a few months, this gives them the opportunity to go out and re-familiarize themselves with the search management computer, familiarize themselves with GPS and the search techniques used to locate people,” said Tremblay.

Search and rescue team members said they were looking for a variety of objects and clues when conducting a search.

“Footprints would be one, maybe clothes…maybe the person lost a hat, a wrapper of chewing gum could lead you somewhere,” Jeb Brown said.

“You look up, down, behind you because it’s easy to walk past something.”

Police and search and rescue said practicing these scenarios makes it easier when real situations happen in the city.

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