Could this be the perfect coaching scenario for the Suns and AFL?

Melbourne great Garry Lyon has launched a training scenario which he believes could benefit both the Gold Coast Suns and the AFL.

Outgoing Suns coach Stuart Dew is out of contract at the end of the season and has some work to do to secure a new contract for 2023.

Dew has won 21 of 90 games since his appointment for the 2018 season. Gold Coast sits 14th on the ladder with a 2-5 win-loss record after seven rounds this season.

Alastair Clarkson, a four-time Premier coach, has been continuously linked with the Suns coaching job since leaving Hawthorn last year.

Lyon believes Clarkson coaching Gold Coast and Dew staying on to pass on his ‘wealth of knowledge’ from the expansion club could work.

SEN breakfast co-hosts Lyon and Tim Watson discussed the potential for a Clarkson-Dew coaching partnership with the Suns.

Watson: “Do you have a theory on how the Gold Coast Suns coaching staff should look like next year. What would you do if you were in a position of control there?”

Lyon: “I’m really happy that you asked me this question because I was thinking about it the other day.

“If nirvana was there, and I’m not sure Stuart Dew would see that as nirvana, but from an AFL perspective I think the best situation for them would be Alastair Clarkson coaching and Stuart Dew still there. ”

Watson: “How would that work?”

Lyon: “However you want it to work.”

Watson: “That would be difficult to communicate to Stuart Dew.”

Lyon: “Just say Alastair Clarkson had to be parachuted in, Stuart Dew did way too much work to lose him.

“Is Stuart Dew going to be chosen elsewhere as a senior coach? I don’t think so, not now anyway. He has this wealth of knowledge of the place and the landscape. He worked with these guys.

“They’re just not there, and hopefully they can get there, I think there are signs of improvement. But the two together would be great.

“You have the overall (Clarkson) number because you need that number – you need the Leigh Matthews style impact on the market.

“You can make it work the way you want. The AFL would be thrilled.

Watson: “Why would the AFL be over the moon?”

Lyon: “Alastair Clarkson coach Gold Coast? Gill (McLachlan) was somersaulting before leaving thinking, “I’ve given us the best chance to try and make our problem kid work.”

“And Stuart Dew, like I said, he just did that power work, so between them I think that would be a great script for Gold Coast.

“If he (Dew) gets a senior coaching job somewhere else then leave, but why would you leave if you’ve invested your heart and soul in it, you don’t quite have where you need to go.

“You have Clarkson sitting there who can come and sell this club and give it some market presence. Build structure around what Stuart was able to do with his vast wealth of knowledge.

Watson: “That’s a very mature way of looking at it.”

Lyon: “I think you have to be mature.”

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