Coaching and mentoring will be at the heart of the Higher EdTech revolution that is conquering the world, says Mayank Kumar, co-founder and CEO of upGrad.

Bombay, Maharashtra, India:
upGrad, the top EdTech major in Asia, is making strong progress in its goal of reforming the culture of education not only in India but beyond through its unique 1: 1 career coaching and mentoring initiative. Beyond geographic barriers, the Higher Education major has built a powerful panel of over 5,500 career mentors and coaches that includes global industry leaders from top universities, major corporations and multinationals as well as professors from the best national and international universities.

“Today’s online education is no longer just about delivering content virtually, but also about supporting learners with the best professional guidance as they progress in their careers. Education or EdTech is a subset of a larger coaching / guidance / mentoring ecosystem, just as a taxi is a subset of transportation. Our effort, as we grow our presence in the education space, is to lead head-on and establish upGrad as a powerhouse for coaching and mentoring, ”said Mayank Kumar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, upGrad.

Aligned with the brand’s mission to improve career outcomes for the global workforce, upGrad has introduced this powerful coaching and mentoring intervention to help learners overcome career challenges and achieve their career change. desirable job, their first job, a suitable function / position, or a salary increase, among others. By 2024, learners in the upGrad ecosystem will benefit from a network of over 11,000 teachers, mentors and experts.

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About upGrad

upGrad – launched in 2015, is a pioneer in the online education revolution, focused on the professional success of a global workforce of over 1.3 billion people. It is one of the few integrated LifeLongLearning technology companies in the world – ranging from college student to active professional in the 18-60 age group and through undergraduate courses, campus-related programs and at employment, study abroad, short form for executive programs. to Diplomas, Masters and Doctorates – with a learner base of over 2 million in 50 countries and over 300 university partners and a strong company with a client base of 1000 companies worldwide.

UpGrad’s global learning engine is built on four pillars: (a) its vast repository of content and intellectual property of origin and ownership, (b) its own proprietary top-notch technology platform, (c) its human-led delivery service supported by coaches and mentors, and (d) a track record of 85% course completion, supported by 80% additional career results and guaranteed performance.

Already described as a leader in Top EdTech in Asia, it has offices in the UK, US, Middle East, India, Singapore and Vietnam, and a presence in many other countries.

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