Coach Gianna Bryant helped Kobe Bryant get closer to an NBA player worth $85 million

Kobe Bryant and former NBA player Zach Randolph met through Gianna Bryant’s love of basketball, as both of their daughters played for the same team.

Fans remember Kobe Bryant as a basketball player who gave his all for the Los Angeles Lakers. He wanted to win at all costs, and it was evident in the way he played; he was one of the greatest players of all time.

However, Bryant’s legacy extended far beyond basketball and continues to do so. He was proud to be a father of daughters and to have helped his daughter Gianna become a talented basketball player herself.

Bryant coached Gianna’s eighth-grade club team before his and Gianna’s tragic death in 2020.

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Kobe Bryant has revealed in a podcast that Gianna Bryant loves basketball, which is why he’s back on the sidelines. They had a league pass and Gigi watched “everything,” according to Bryant.

When Bryant coached his club’s team, the daughter of another former NBA player joined him. Bryant has formed a close bond with the girl and her father following the decision to bring her in.

Former double All-Star Zach Randolph and his daughter MacKenly were the two hoops.

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Kobe Bryant became close with Zach Randolph and his daughter

Randolph and Bryant never played together in the NBA, but they did meet.

They didn’t become particularly close until Randolph and his family moved from Tennessee to California in 2019, according to The New York Times. MacKenly told her father at the time that she wanted to be on Bryant and Gianna’s team.

“Dad, I want to play for Kobe,” she said. “She approached me about it,” Randolph explained on All The Smoke. “Do you think I can play for his team? I’m ready for anything for my child, so I didn’t have Kob’s phone number. I contacted someone who did. And the next day, Kobe texted me, ‘What’s up Z-Bo?’ »

Randolph then asked Bryant if he had a spot for MacKenly on his team because she was interested in playing for him. Bryant said she could come over and they’d see how things were going. it went pretty well

“I believe one of the big ones got hurt or something, or just left, moved somewhere,” Randolph speculated. “When MacKenly came along, it was like the missing piece of the puzzle. Kobe loved him…I told him, ‘Man, I love you,’ when he told me he loved my baby, bruh. “You love mine, and I love you,” I said. It was. “There’s only love and respect.”

During his career, Kobe Bryant has left millions of people with unforgettable memories. But he also passed on his knowledge of the game to the next generation, creating close bonds. Bryant and Gianna’s legacies will live on in perpetuity.

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