Child care providers receive emergency preparedness and response planning training | New

(Community and Cultural Affairs Branch) – On Saturday, August 20, 2022, twenty-six child care providers from six day care centers in Saipan participated in training on emergency preparedness and response planning for natural disasters and emergencies of human origin, led by Maricar I. Pena, Evergreen Learning’s Quality Care Specialist, at the Kagman Community Center.

During the two and a half hour professional development opportunity, attendees were able to identify new federal requirements and health and safety standards for emergency preparedness and planning, define different types of emergencies , articulate the importance of planning, identify disasters and man-made events that should be addressed in contingency plans by CNMI child care providers, explore the six stages of emergency planning emergency, apply the new requirement of the federal standard in the review and revision of their current emergency plan, and also identify the current content list of emergency preparedness and response planning.

This module fulfills the health and safety training requirements for childcare providers of the Childcare and Development Fund under the Childcare and Development Fund Reauthorization Act 2014. development of childcare services.

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