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During a celebratory luncheon at The Grand earlier this month, Cameo, the Professional Auxiliary of the Long Beach Relief League, hosted eight graduates and their families and friends from the Mentorship and Enrichment Program .

Seven seniors from LBUSD completed a full three-year mentorship program and one student from Long Beach City College completed a two-year program.

“We are thrilled to honor our graduates,” exclaimed CAMEO President Debby Mather. “Over the past few years, we have seen our students’ confidence grow and they have impressed us with their strength and resilience during this difficult time.

“The Mentoring and Enrichment Program helps our students prepare for and thrive in college,” Mather added. “We are thrilled to announce that all graduates (Brenda Alcantara, Anahi Bedoy, Isabel Tejeda, Logan Pope Wendy Alcala, Leila Lee, Janai McNeil and Amya Hart) will be going to college this year.”

The program is designed to guide underserved Long Beach high school and community college students through one-on-one mentoring to help them identify and achieve their academic and career goals. In addition to mentorship, students participated in monthly enrichment workshops and cultural activities.

“Participating in events, internships and mentoring has helped our students grow into strong young adults who hold great promise for their future,” said Margaret Warren, President of Mentoring. “We are thrilled to celebrate their incredible accomplishments.”

Students also completed a paid summer internship in partnership with Pacific Gateway and received funds to purchase books and school materials.

Each graduate received a computer and scholarship funds. This year, each student received the Continuing Education Scholarship of $1,000 and a special scholarship of $2,000.

Additional scholarships were awarded to Wendy Alacala, Isabel Tejeda, Brenda Alcantara, Logan Pope and Anahi Bedoy. Three former CAMEO students spoke over lunch about what it was like to be in the program: Alvin Avina, Nohelia Gavarrete and Sara Manangon gave inspiring talks. Manangon and Gavarrette are giving back and have also become mentors with CAMEO.

Students benefit from gracious donations from the community and the involvement of volunteer mentors. If you would like to become a mentor or donate, visit

Seen on stage: Patti Brown, 2022-2023 president of the Long Beach Relief League; CAMEO Liaisons JoAnn McDonald and Valorie Hayward; Long Beach Relief League Executive Director Annette Kashiwabara; Jennifer Kumiyama; Office of Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. Former CAMEO presidents were also present: Barbara Jewel, Char Bockholt, Daphne Ching-Jackson, Ginny Baxter, Maria Harris and Naomi Blackmore.

Long Beach Cancer League Gala

There was an enthusiastic crowd of 310 guests at the 45th Annual Long Beach Cancer League Gala on June 4. Held at the Museum of Latin American Art, the beautiful event was enhanced by a tour of the art museum, then it was cocktails in the ballroom followed by dinner, wine and the sunset program in the sculpture garden.

The event featured ‘stars’, which are people whose cancer stories are shared with the public. Honorees this year were: Cindy Gillis, Cynthia Howard, Rena and Todd Johnson (who also won the live draw), Cathy Kopy, Laura Lummer-Sigmon, Melva Miller, Carmen Perez, Jeannette and Louis Rampino, Darick Simpson and Jack Witherspoon. Former stars were also recognized. Overall, the event raised more than $250,000 to support the work of the American Cancer Society, which is dedicated to eliminating cancer and reducing cancer-related suffering through research, education, advocacy and services.

Seen on stage: Long Beach Cancer League President Tammy Newland-Shishido and Ken Shishido, Gala Co-Chairs Patty and Gary Gadd, Sheryl and Jeff Stewart, Loren and Greg Miner, Sofia Riley, Patti Brown, Georgianna and Allan Kolsky, Jan and Jerry Maize , Julie Kinsbursky and Lissette Flores. Judy McNulty Black and Don Black. (President Jennifer Peterson was only there in spirit because of COVID-19.)

  • Stars featured at the Long Beach Cancer League Gala, (LR) Louis and Jeannette Rampino, Todd and Rena Johnson, Jack Witherspoon, Melva Miller, Cindy Gillis, Cynthia Howard, Carmen Perez, Laura Lummer-Sigmon, Cathy Kopy, Darick Simpson. (Photo by Shirley Wild, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • At the Long Beach daycare center, (LR) Mya Colbert, Isabelle...

    At Long Beach Daycare, (LR) Mya Colbert, Isabelle Bishop, Deenah Rachad, Angeline Sanchez, Tatum Slaughter, Alessa Salup. (Photo by Shirley Wild, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • Representing the Children's Benefit League, Philanthropy (LR) Chair Judy Cornwall distributes...

    Representing the Children’s Benefit League, Judy Cornwall, Chair of Philanthropy (LR), distributes support to: Ability First April Stover, The Guidance Center Lorraine Lyou and Tricia Costales, John Tracy Center Cathleen Mathes and Annie Levane, The Children’s Dental Health Clinic John Blake and Karen Byrnes, The Diane Nichols Children’s Clinic. (Photo by Shirley Wild, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

Long Beach Day Nursery Herbal Tea for Toddlers

There were 125 attendees at Tea for Tots, Long Beach Day Nursery’s first in-person fundraiser in years. Attendees enjoyed catch-up and an afternoon of educational activity stations led by LBDN teachers and live performances by Jazz Angeles, with the children singing songs. Delicious food and drink included cold cuts, biscuits, hot tea and wine.

The event, at the end of May, raised nearly $25,000, with proceeds going to programs and services that directly benefit LBDN’s children and families.

Seen on stage: Jennifer Allen, Debbie Thorpe, Jillian Koehring, Gail Schwandner, Nancy Hays, Jean Bixby Smith, Michael and Eva Soutar, Sandor and Deloris Mayuga, John Pettus, Daphne Ching-Jackson and George Jackson, Michele Dobson, Theresa Landers

Installation of the children’s charity league

The Old Ranch Country Club was the beautiful setting for the Children’s Benefit League installation meeting on June 1, where 2022 donations were distributed to representatives of various charities.

For many years, the Children’s Benefit League has supported five children’s clinics: Children’s Clinic, Children’s Dental Health Clinic, Guidance Center, John Tracy Center and Ability First.

An early social time was planned so that the group could catch up.

Members appreciated the opportunity to chat with clinic representatives to see how they are doing, as they have been banned from visiting for much of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is hoped that visits will resume next year as clinic members and staff appreciate these important visits, which increase the scope of understanding the clinics provide to the underserved in the community. Members were pleased with the amount raised and looked forward to another successful year.

Seen on stage: Judy Cornwall, Chair of Philanthropy, handed out support to Ability First, April Stover; The Orientation Center, Lorraine Lyou and Tricia Costales; John Tracy Centre, Cathleen Mathes and Annie Levane; The Children’s Dental Health Clinic, John Blake and Karen Byrnes; The Children’s Clinic, Diane Nichols. Donna Reel, Judy Cornwall, Judy Nichols, Yvonne Placenti, Jeanne Paige-Peterson, Diana Parker, Connie Stewart, Elaine McKay, Donna Buntrock, Harlene Anderson, Susan Arcec, Debbie Welding, Judy Zylstra, Sharon Young, Jana Howe, Sylvia Desmond, Susan Lopez, Barbara Jones, Jean Dayak, Karen Benson and Rachel Campbell.

At another Children’s Benefit League event, new members hosted a Cinco de Mayo Long Beach harbor cruise and lunch at Gladstones. It was a glorious day in Long Beach, with sunshine and a gentle breeze carrying 30 women around the harbor and back to Gladstones for a hearty buffet lunch. Cherie de Gomez and Donna Luciene chaired the event. Funds were raised for the five clinics served by the league.

Seen on stage: Judy and Bill Nichols, Cherie de Gomez, Donna Luciene, Carole Black, Sharon Young, Connie Stewart, Jona Howe, Nancy Brazo, Desiree Eakin, Donna Betts and Marian Klinger.

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