Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Piedmont opens central mentoring and service center in Greensboro



GREENSBORO, NC – Big Brothers Big Sisters of central Piedmont is redoubling its efforts to keep young people on a productive path.

She recently purchased a building at 502 Hickory Ridge Road in Greensboro.

It will house the organization’s first mentoring and central service center in Guilford County.

The basement, which is still under construction, will serve as a hub for young people to connect with mentors and with each other.

While the organization is known to match young children with mentors, it places more emphasis on teens.

The goal is to create an environment they look forward to enjoying – a timely focus given the ongoing concerns about community violence involving minors.

“We hear stories of a child in the family who was matched and how her life changed compared to a child who was not matched and how her life changed too but maybe not so positively. , so we know it works, ”said Holly Ferree, vice president of philanthropy for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Piedmont.

Akaila Covington, 26, says the extra support from her big sister Wendy Rivers, who is the chapter president / CEO, kept her focused.

“During this process, I wasn’t thinking about the negative because I knew I had my mom, I had Wendy, I had my brothers, I had Holly, I had all these people where you’re gonna be someone. ‘one in life,’ said Covington.

Now an adult, Covington works with children and sees the need for more places that can provide positive attention.

“It’s a huge amount of kids who miss this importance of being heard, of feeling welcome, of feeling wanted and just of feeling valued,” she said.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Piedmont received a grant to purchase vans and provide transportation.

Staff plan to welcome young people to the facility in November, starting with an outdoor movie night.


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