Become a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Tiers

(WBNG) — January is National Mentoring Month.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Tiers encourages community members to volunteer and help make a difference.

“National Mentoring Month is really just a celebration of our volunteers and mentors and thanking them for the profound fact they have about the lives of young people in our community and really what it means to them and what what it means to us,” Big said Lauren Heilweil, executive director of Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Tiers.

Heilweil noted that Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Tiers provides sustained 1:1 relationships between adults and children.

“To be a mentor is really just to be a role model and to be a constant figure of confidence and consistency in their life,” Heilweil said. “For us, a mentor is one thing, but a mentor for a child can be a father, a brother, a friend, it is much more than that.”

Heilweil said Big Brothers Big Sisters currently has more than 75 “little ones” waiting to be matched.

“The matching process happens based on a number of things,” Heilweil said. “Qualifications, preferences, characteristics, location, which allows them to maintain effective and consistent communication, but overall we want to make sure they like the same things and have the same interests and somehow on the other, the mentor can help the child grow.

“Big” Ronnie Semcho and “Little” Natalie Kocak have been matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters since July 2021.

“A friend of mine was in Big Brothers Big Sisters and I said it was something I really wanted to do,” Semcho said. “I was sent profiles and I came across Natalie’s and we had so much in common.”

“I saw on the profile that she had two cats and I figure it’s a match,” Kocak said.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for 1:1 Youth Mentors in Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga Counties, PA; Broome and Tioga Counties, NY.

Learn more about becoming a Youth Mentor here.

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