BBBS Moose Jaw Launches School Mentorship Pilot Project


As summer draws to a close and students are returning to class soon, Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Moose Jaw prepares to launch their school mentorship program.

The pilot will see up to five Moose Jaw elementary students matched with a positive role model who will meet them at school for one hour each week. BBBS Regional Director Amy Noureldin says the goal is for the couple to just have fun together.

“They can read or play games, make art or maybe cook in the staff room. Whatever they want to do,” says Noureldin. “They don’t have anything to do with homework or school. It’s just an opportunity for a young child to make a new friend and have another fun reason to come to school.”

Noureldin says the program is a great opportunity for someone interested in mentoring to get their feet in the water without too much time. The benefits for the child in the game are endless.

“Their commitment to school can increase quite significantly. Suddenly, they’re happy to come to school because they know there is this person who wants to spend time with them that day, ”says Noureldin.

“We’re seeing their relationships with their parents, teachers and peers improving. It’s an overall improvement in their emotional well-being, and it’s something we really see a need for right now.”

Anyone interested in learning more or becoming a mentor in school can contact BBBS Moose Jaw on their website.

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