Associated Bank launches indirect automatic lending


Associated bank threw an indirect auto loan company in 13 states, with plans to add dealerships in three more early next year.

The company, which already had a small direct loan program, awaits its new Associated Bank Auto Finance is likely to take out $ 1 billion in auto loans by the end of 2022 and exceed $ 2 billion in 2023. Associated Bank said it will partner with independent dealers and franchisees, and more than 550 retailers signed on September 1.

Craig Stickney, director of indirect auto loans for Associated Bank, estimated that franchise dealers would make up more than 95% of the lender’s network. Associated Bank will consider independent resellers who meet the same expectations on variables – including customer service, transparency, sales practices, and reputation – and also have a bank-approved floor plan source.

Associated Bank will lend primarily in the “super-prime / prime” range, although it may accommodate some near-prime borrowers, according to Stickney.

“Our credit model will allow FICO scores of 620 and above overlaid on an internal personalized credit score card,” he wrote in an email.

Stickney said Associated Bank Auto Finance will use its connections, accessibility and speed to compete with dealers.

The lender will be open and its staff accessible 362 days a year, often until 8 p.m., according to Stickney.

“We are open when the dealers are open,” he said.

But the company also has the ability to automate lending decisions at any time, said Stickney, who described the automation of credit and finance as an F&I trend to watch.

Associated Bank Auto Finance has also committed to same day funding and will offer a rewards program.

Stickney said many Associated Bank dealers have a long history with their team, and more than 80% of them have worked together for at least 10 years. He is the former KeyBank dealer finance manager, and many of his more than 40 employees are also KeyBank registrars.

KeyBank recently completed its withdrawal from indirect auto loans with the September sale of its remaining $ 3.2 billion loan portfolio to a subsidiary of Waterfall Asset Management.

“It is the team’s reputation based on past performance that dealers love to see and why they continue to build relationships with banks that have a proven track record and demonstrate the core values ​​of the dealership and this auto industry,” he wrote.

The associate bank’s CEO at the time, Philip Flynn, who has since retired, said in April that his company would seek to emulate KeyBank’s “relatively conservative and successful credit zone”.

The September-listed Associated Banc-Corp called Associated Bank Auto Finance one of the elements of its strategic plans. Flynn said in April that the auto lender is expected to generate at least $ 200 million in loans and operate at a break-even rate this year. He said the business is expected to grow steadily in 2022.

“Indirect Auto allows Associated to diversify its consumer portfolio and provide a catalyst to generate greater revenue,” Stickney said. “Indirect Auto is a very predictable business that, if run properly, can provide the bank with a rapid scale-up and an alternative source of consumer lending other than traditional mortgages. “

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