Antonio Daniels talks about the future of training and organizes camps

The list of people associated with the New Orleans Pelicans who run summer camps deserves recognition. Dyson Daniels and EJ Liddell visited the Rosenwald Recreation Center in New Orleans after their introductory press conference. Zion Williamson’s New Orleans YMCA camp just ended, Willy Hernangomez represents the team at European camps, and New Orleans broadcaster Antonio Daniels passes on his love of the game to the kids of San Antonio through the Daniels Family Foundation.

Daniels told Pelicans Scoop that he hopes to join this list of local New Orleans camps soon. The former New Orleans Hornet said in different parts of the interview, “I love New Orleans” and “we couldn’t afford to go to camps when we were kids.” That’s why he wants to offer this affordable one-week program in Crescent City.

This year’s camp will consist of two separate one-week sessions held at Brooks Collegiate Academy. The first camp will run from July 18-22, 2022 and the second will take place the week of August 1-5, 2022. Campers who pre-register will receive a camp t-shirt and a signed photo of the presenter who returned the turtleneck famous again. Daniels “will do his best to talk to every camper during the week.”

There are also promotional videos from previous camps on social media so parents and attendees can see what level of intensity to expect. All ages and skill levels are welcome as there will be plenty of special guests and college players to help out as staff.

“I strongly believe, man, that God blesses us to bless others. He doesn’t bless us so we can keep it all to ourselves. My camp isn’t about basketball. Basketball is a part of it, but the thing that I discovered how many parallels there are between life and basketball. Kids need to hear that. You know, they need to hear the positives that are going on in such a dark world. They need to know that when they walk into this gym, I’m going to be every day. Even though I’m 47, I’m the most energetic person. I don’t know what kids are facing home. I have no idea. But they need to know that when they come to my camp, it will be a safe place for them to learn and grow.” Daniels told Pelicans Scoop.

According to the route, players will “go through drills and practice in the morning and play games in the afternoon…Each child will be assigned to a team with a coach. Our goal is for all children to pass have a great time and learn some of the fundamentals of the game.”

The former San Antonio Spur and 1999 NBA Finals champion showed he still has some moves during a local television appearance to promote the camp’s 21st year of hosting. However, it’s the coaching itch that’s starting to get hard to ignore now that he’s seeing the impact that can be made in the role.

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“I’ve met a lot of people all over town who were campers and now have their kids in camp. I think that’s a testament to the work and what this camp is really about, you know, I’m saying it all Parent time, this is the best camp for a kid. And I swear, man, one day, one day, if God loves me enough, I’d love to take that to New Orleans. I’d love to take that in New Orleans because I know the product I have is so different from any other camp.”

“Every kid at this camp feels like me and my coaching staff care about us. We care. And not about them as athletes. Parents will know, it’s not about knowing s “they have improved or not in the fundamental aspect of the sport. but are they different kids? I had kids crying on Mondays because they didn’t want to be dropped off. This same kid was leading 200 to 300 players in prayer to start camp on Friday Watching children mature and grow throughout a week with adults around who are engaged, invested and caring about them as young children. , this is the highlight of my summer.

Daniels is watching the NBA Summer League action but reiterated that it’s “The highlight of my summer…nothing beats my heart. It’s a life slash basketball camp. I say it all time to parents that if their child comes out better basketball player but the same person I failed I want them to be better people when they walk out of these doors While I want to teach them the fundamentals of sport. Dribbling, passing, defending, communication. Many of those parallel things in life because a coach will also be a teacher.”

As for bringing the camp to New Orleans, Daniels “loves the people of New Orleans, the culture of New Orleans, and I love how the fan base has welcomed me as an analyst. Daniels explained that he’s busy during the season and accommodation logistics are a pain, but if he has “an opportunity…in the summer” a camp will be held.

He admitted “there are kids who have no idea who I am and that’s cool. That’s okay. But I want them to know me as someone who really cares about them, of their well-being in the future. And again, we’re all blessed to have a platform. We’re all blessed to have a platform in one way or another to to impact those who come after us. It’s one of the gifts that God has given me, it’s an opportunity to connect with the younger generation.

The beloved broadcaster added: “If I have the opportunity to do this and bring them to New Orleans, I tell you, I had conversations with people about this last year. But it takes a lot to kind of put it all together I promise I promise one thing I want to do with my time in New Orleans is bring my basketball camp there and serve that community .

More than a handful of former players have gone on to successful college careers. Some are current students returning to help the next generation, following Daniels’ example. For anyone looking to participate, the camp is accepting lunch sponsors. Visit the Daniels Family Foundation camp website information page for more information on how to help.

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