Amazon, state unveil cloud-based community college job training initiative


The state is partnering with its community colleges and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide Connecticut residents with technology training opportunities to fill some of the 40,000 published “cloud” computing positions available last year.

The joint initiative was announced Monday at Gateway Community College (GWCC) by Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU), AWS and the state’s Office of Workforce Strategy.

The partners plan to work together to provide technical skills training and education through an AWS certification program for 2,000 Connecticut residents by 2024.

Three Rivers Community College, Housatonic Community College, Asnuntuck Community College and Manchester Community College will begin training in November and December, CSCU President Terrance Cheng said.

The remaining eight community colleges will begin in the next spring semester of 2022.

The trainings will be non-credit courses that will provide residents with certificates and the skills needed for “in-demand careers”. A five- to seven-week course will cost a certification of $ 795, Cheng said.

The certification program will focus on cloud computing, which helps Connecticut companies investing in cloud systems improve their technology infrastructure, said Josh Geballe, chief operating officer of the state.

Geballe pointed out that some jobs can provide residents with six-figure salaries to design, administer, and design cloud systems.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates CSCU’s role as a key part of Connecticut’s workforce pipeline,” said GWCC CEO William Brown.

Aaron Osborn, U.S. head of Amazon Education to Workforce, said the partnership is an opportunity to improve the state’s education system and the AWS workforce.

“We’ve come a long way, as the world has migrated the importance of moving our infrastructure to the cloud,” Osborne said.

Gov. Ned Lamont said his office is working to provide grants for reimbursable tuition fees, such as childcare and transportation, to provide all residents with an opportunity to improve their skills.

“I want to do whatever I can to make sure every business in this state knows they can thrive and grow with a well-trained workforce right here in the state of Connecticut,” said Lamont. “I guarantee that if you get this AWS certification, you will have a job. :

The course curriculum is being developed by Amazon, which is in the process of training 20 faculty instructors to teach on Connecticut campuses.

Click here to watch Monday’s full presser.

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