A mother accuses the coaching institute of having tortured her son, the institute refutes the allegations and plans to file a complaint for defamation Wednesday October 12th, 2022 |

A video of a 12-year-old boy has surfaced on social media platforms in which his mother can be seen alleging that her son was tortured by the administration of an institute. However, the institute refuted the allegations and decided to file a defamation suit against the mother.

The video shows the boy in a disturbed state being treated by doctors in a hospital with his mother present. The mother claimed in the video that her son who studied at Doon Defense Dreamers on Sahastradhara Road had been mentally tortured by his administration. She said she received a call from the institute last week that her son was sick. She said it took her two days to reach Dehradun from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. She alleged that the institute asked her to file Rs 40,000 as charges and then dumped her son and his belongings on the street. She said she couldn’t afford to have her son treated here and didn’t have enough money to go back to Bareilly. She said she even approached the police about it, but no action was taken by them. It was claimed in the video that the boy repeatedly said not to expel him from the institute and constantly asked his mother who she was.

However, the administration of the institute refuted all these claims. A faculty member at the institute, Abhinav Chaudhary, told The Pioneer that the boy was only admitted to the institute last week. The boy only stayed at the institute for four days, including two days for treatment. Chaudhary said the child started having seizures after admission and was taken to hospital for treatment. “We called the mother and asked her about the boy’s medical history but she did not give us proper details. She said she would speak to him on the phone and he would be fine soon. We have could see it wasn’t something that could be handled on the phone, so we called her here,” he said. He added that they told the mother they couldn’t admitting a child with such medical conditions with other children. He added, “The mother kept insisting on admitting him to the institute. She claimed that we had tortured the boy who can be seen in saying ‘don’t expel me’ in the video. Why would he say that if he was being tortured here? “The other students have also complained that he uses foul language. Despite all this, we did everything to help her in her condition. We have all the hospital bills and the recordings of the conversation we had with his mother. The mother tried to tarnish our reputation with false accusations. We have all the evidence of our innocence and we will file a defamation suit against her,” Chaudhary added.

Meanwhile, the State Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (SCPCR) also said it would check the case on Wednesday to verify whether or not the child was tortured in any way. during his stay at the institute.

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