25 of our favorite camping books for kids

With summer fast approaching, the kids are ready for a few adventurous and memorable months. Camping has been a family, friendly and individual pleasure for many generations. No matter where you pitch a tent with your kids, be sure to get them excited and ready for adventures with 25 of our top camping book picks!

1. Lama Lama loves camping

Llama Llama has become an obvious family favorite over the years! This book is filled with colorful illustrations that kids are sure to engage and imagine on their own camping trips. Enjoy reading this with them before you go, preparing for the trip or the first night.

2. The little camping book

This captivating book will open your little ones and their imagination to camping. In an overarching story highlighting the basics of camping, it’s ideal for skeptical and inquisitive little minds.

3. Curious George Goes Camping

Curious George is a little monkey that everyone knows. This mischievous little monkey leads our children on crazy adventures! Curious George Goes Camping will quickly become one of the family’s favorite camping books.

The campsite comes with more beauty than we can imagine. Camping Anatomy to prepare your children (and even cope with it yourself) not only for camping, but also to understand and connect with nature. Camping enthusiasts will treasure this book and learn much more than just pitching a tent.

5. A camping trip with Mr. MaGee

A great camping book that will keep your kids busy. This adventurous story will keep you hooked all the time. A camping trip with Mr. MaGee motivates children and prepares them for the ups and downs of camping.

6. Camping Activity Book for Kids

This fun camping activity pack is filled with activity ideas for your entire camping trip and your tribe. It’s an easy read for readers and non-readers alike, filled with fun activities at home and at the campsite!

7. Oliver and Hopes adventures under the stars

Oliver and Hopes Adventures Under the Stars is a story that not only offers camping adventures, but also stimulates your child’s imagination. It’s easy for children to identify with the characters and talk about them!

8. Pete the cat goes camping

Camping with toddlers can be so much fun. Cultivate their imaginations with a cute toddler camping book featuring a familiar favorite – Pete the Cat. Your children will develop their imagination with this camping story.

Goodnight, Campsite is a book filled with beautiful illustrations that will delight even our littlest campers. This book introduces the different ways of camping and takes you through the beautiful Big Meadow Campground.

A wordless picture book is always fun, especially when it comes to something special for our children. Making up the stories is fun for adults and children! These black illustrations will take you on a journey into the nocturnal world of camping.

11. Roast Marshmallows – Camping Poems

Toasting marshmallows is full of stories and is perfect for around the campfire at night. Your children will love listening to these poems filled with images and words that stimulate the imagination.

S for S’mores is a little different from your usual primer. This beautiful camping alphabet book focuses on the theme of camping, bringing outside knowledge to your children’s understanding of the alphabet. Picture books like these grow with your children, starting with the basics and ending in depth.

This is an excellent book for younger children. A lovely camping adventure book that will attract your children and let their imaginations run wild. This is perfect for an introduction to a lesson on camping!

14. Fred and Ted go camping

Fred and Ted Go Camping are full of knowledge for our youngest little campers. From camping gear to relationships, this book is ideal for little minds.

15. Amelia Bedelia goes camping

Amelia Bedelia has been a teacher and family favorite for years. Follow her in this camping riddle and enjoy the sweet story of Amelia Bedelia.

16. Try Not To Laugh – Camping

In this hilarious and entertaining book, children will still laugh in their sleeping bags. If you’re camping with kids, picking up this book is a no-brainer. During downtime and around the campfire, your kids will love these pranks!

So Much S’more to Do is packed with recipes your kids will love discovering. Whether you make them or not, this is one of those awesome camping books that someone will always want to skim through.

18. Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to the Wilderness

Camping safety should be a top priority with your children and the wilderness. The Surviving Child gives children a clear and concise view of what to do if things go wrong. This is definitely a story to add to your camping book collection.

19. The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse

A spin-off of an educational favorite, students from The City Mouse and The Country Mouse will love following these two mice on their camping adventures.

20. Claire’s Camping Adventure

Make yoga a favorite camping activity with this great camping yoga book! Your kids will love playing outside and then stopping for a nap, before bed, or just to get their camp goofs out.

21. Kids Interactive Camping Journal

This awesome kids camp journal will allow for your child’s creative side throughout your camp journey. It can be used throughout the camping trip and also afterwards so that your children can relive their camping experience.

Brave Little Camper is a great first camping book for your baby. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations that will surely capture your baby and his imagination. Read it before, during or after your first camping trip!

23. Backpack Explorer: On the nature trail: what will you find?

This fun book is ideal for your camping adventures. Whether it’s tent camping or RV camping, your kids will be able to find great things in nature and learn about them! A camping day can consist of running around looking for bugs and the Surprise Magnifying Glass will help you with that!

24. Camp! The ultimate children’s guide

No matter what your family camping trip is, this camping planner for kids will help you get your family out. Whether in the backyard or in the middle of the mountains, your children will be ready for anything!

Camping Catastrophe is great for students to connect with characters and easily follow the setting. The students in my class couldn’t put this book down because it was so easy to relate to!

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