22-year-old Stoke-on-Trent teaching assistant sent underage girl a ‘d ** k photo’


A teaching assistant sent sex messages to four teenage girls, including a photo of her genitals.

Louis Colby reached out to his victims – who were aged 13 to 15 – on Snapchat telling them they were “hot” or “fit.”

And on one occasion he sent a “d ** k photo” despite the youngster saying “no”.

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The 22-year-old denied any crime but was convicted of communicating with a child sexually and three counts of attempting to communicate with a child sexually.

The offenses took place between July 2019 and October 2019, when Colby was working at a school.

Now the defendant, from Peregrine Grove, Meir, has been given a 12 month suspended sentence for two years in Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Anthony Longworth, prosecutor, said: “The first offense involved a 13-year-old girl. The girl’s mother saw disturbing messages and called the police. They tracked down the number from which the messages had been sent. They went to his home and arrested him.

“They grabbed his phone. There were a number of different communications and messages on Snapchat.

“On October 10, 2019 at 8:25 pm, the defendant sent an SMS to the young girl. He said ‘hey, how are you so fit? How old are you?’. She said ’13’. He said ‘Wow you look a lot older, are you really 13?’ She said yes’. He told me ‘you have really big breasts though’.

“Between October 7 and 8, he texted a girl to tell her she was ‘sexy’ and ask her to see a picture of her. He asked for a picture and she sent a fully dressed one.

“He commented on her breasts. He asked ‘how old are you?’ She said ’15’. He said ‘I can’t forget your breasts, can I show you something?’. He asked her if she wanted him to send her her announcement photo. She said no ‘.

“He sent her a message asking her what she thought about it and if she liked him. The inference is that he sent the photo.

Mr Longworth added, “The next communication was between August 26-31, 2019 on Snapchat. The girl said ‘hey, good’. He asked her how old she was. She said ’15’. She asked how old he was.

“It seems there are some missing messages because the accused went on to say ‘did you have sex without your parents knowing? “She sent three pictures of a girl in her underwear.

“Another girl from July 2019 said she was 14. He said ‘Why do so many people want to fuck you?’. He asked her if she had already done so. She said ‘I don’t want you to text me’.

When asked about his actions, Colby told police what he had done was an “honest and stupid mistake”.

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Andrew Jackson, mitigating, added: “There was no intention that he would sexually engage with a child. Its risk is described as moderate and can be controlled. The remorse is sincere.

“It’s the difficulty of conversing with people his age. He worked as a teaching assistant. He is now in office. He is able to improve his life.

Colby must complete a rehabilitation activity requirement for 55 days, including 150 hours of unpaid work.

He was also subject to a Sexual Injury Prevention Order for five years and was ordered to pay costs of £ 425.

Recorder Julian Taylor told him, “These are your first offenses. You thought you were talking to 13-14 year old girls. You sent a photo of your own genitals. You thought you were talking to underage girls. You haven’t tried to meet them.

“This is a serious offense. Why did you get involved in this is a mystery. You said on probation that you weren’t doing it for sexual reasons, that’s ridiculous. You need help with this behavior.

“You have to be careful. If you come back before me, you won’t get a second chance. You’ve shamed yourself and your family.

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