18 of our favorite gardening books for kids

April showers, bring May flowers, bloom your seedlings this spring with your children. We’ve created 18 of our favorite picture books filled with fun gardening activities to help you do just that!

1. Grow Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert

Age: 0-4

Growing Vegetable Soup is an informative picture book that will engage even the smallest gardener! This story will help develop your child’s basic gardening vocabulary.

2. My Growing Garden Flip Book by Cottage Door Press

Age: 0-2

This soft book is perfect for introducing your babies to gardening! Whether you have an older brother to teach or just want to get him interested, this hardcover book will be excellent.

3. The Little Seed by Eric Carle

Age: 4-8

The story of Tiny Seed follows a seed through the seasons. Similar to the hungry caterpillar, the little seed shows the life cycle of the seed. Your kids will love this information book.

4. The Great Garden Escape By Erica L. Clymer

Age: 2-7

Read this book with children and watch their little minds search for answers to each question. This book with a big heart will teach your children all about the fresh vegetables from the garden that they will be delighted to plant!

5. The Little Gardener by Jan Gerardi

Age: 0-3

An essential gardening learning tool for your littlest gardeners. The size of this book is perfect for taking with you in the car, to the grocery store, or just about anywhere!

6. In My Backyard by National Kids

Age: 2-5

Another logbook filled with simple information that can easily be understood by anyone from 2 years old up to 5 years old.

7. Pooh’s Secret Garden by Disney Book Group

Age: 3-5

This heartwarming picture book will take you and your child on an adventure through Pooh’s Secret Garden. Elevator and Flaps are always fun books that are sure to interest your child!

8. Plant a Rainbow By Lois Ehlert

Age: 0-3

A special book filled with not only gardening secrets but also specific flower names! An informative book your babies will love growing up with.

9. We Are The Gardeners by Joanna Gaines

Age: 3-5

A beautifully written, illustrated and inspiring book whose sole purpose is to remind parents and introduce children to the absolute beauty of building a flower garden.

10. I can grow a flower by DK

Age: 3-5

A great introduction to plants for your little ones. Whether you’re at home or in a classroom, this story will not only excite your children, but also prepare them to start a bountiful garden!

11. Blosson and Bud By Frank J. Sileo

Age: 4-8

Blossom and Bud is a sweet book that deals with very important and strong underlying issues through the sheer beauty of a garden and reminds us that every flower is beautiful.

12. From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

Follow the life cycle from seed to plant in this handy book. Children will love learning the process of growing plants and will be eager to use their knowledge in the garden.

13. In the Garden by Emma Giuliani

Age: 8-12

This charming picture book is large and attractive for any child. With fun garden flaps throughout, your kids will love reading it.

14. Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds by DK

Age: 9-12

A factual nature book filled with botany galore. Not only an introduction to the vocabulary of botany, but also a book to improve your child’s green thumb (and maybe even yours)!

15. If You Hold A Seed by Elly MacKay

Age: 3-6

A wonderful story that teaches children about plants and how they grow from a seed to a tree. Learning activities that will never truly fade from this beautifully illustrated book.

16. Garden Lab for Kids by Renata Brown

Age: 8-12

A book filled with great self-directed activities and a plethora of educational activities that our kids will love!

17. Oh can you sow? By Bonnie Worth

Age: 4-8

A cat in the hat theme your kids are sure to recognize and take them on a fun journey of building flowers from seeds.

18. Maker Comics: Grow a Garden by Alexis Frederick-Frost

Age: 9-13

This captivating cartoon will give your children insight into the benefits of gardening. There are many activities, fun ideas and gardening ideas throughout the book. This will surely add to your children’s book harvest!

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