100 children complete a year of artistic training



About 100 children who won arts scholarships recently took part in a competition final.

They were chosen from across India and mentored by a Bengaluru-based organization called the Singhal Iyer Family Foundation (SIFF), founded in 2016.

The foundation launched the Young Artist Scholarship Program in 2020 to promote young talent in classical and contemporary arts.

“We wanted to provide an equal platform for all students,” says Kavita Iyer, co-founder. The Young Artist program with 20 categories was designed by Dhaani Singhal, 16, daughter of Kavita.

The scholarship started with the Advanced Mentorship Program for Young Artists.

“The pandemic has really changed the way we think about art and made it more accessible. As the whole program ran virtually, we had the opportunity to reach various pockets across the country, instead of just focusing on the metropolises, ”says Dhaani.

The foundation received applications from 12,000 children, of which 100 were selected, and were mentored from November 2020 to March 2021. They benefited from free virtual mentoring from artists such as Terence Lewis, Amjad Ali Khan and Shovana Narayan.

Hindustani vocal category winner Shreya V Murthy says the healthy competition has helped her. “I also had the opportunity to do a lot of things for the first time, from live on Instagram to being judged by the best musicians in our country,” said the 18-year-old Bengalurian. She plans to specialize in raga therapy.

Tamish Pulappadi, also from Bangalore, was among the three finalists who received the “Young Artist of the Year” award. He is currently producing and co-writing a music album. “The program motivated me to work harder,” he told Metrolife.

Plans are underway to kick off the next season, and Kavita hopes music and dancing will become a more important part of the school curriculum. “Every child in school should learn about the arts. Even if they don’t pursue it professionally, it’s a huge source of joy, ”she says.

The foundation can be contacted on siffscholars.in.


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