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STAFF working in Greater Manchester’s early years industry are offered fully funded training opportunities to help children reach their potential.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has awarded a £1.5million contract to Acorn Training to deliver early years training. The training aims to ensure that people working in the early childhood sector have access to high quality continuous professional development, as part of the Skills for Growth programme, funded by the European Social Fund.

Cost is often cited as the biggest barrier to development in the early years sector and the industry has identified a number of skills gaps. The new free courses will be a fantastic opportunity to combat this and improve outcomes and social mobility for young children and their families.

Acorn Training will focus on developing people who work with children from birth to five years old to better understand and support early development and learning. They are committed to expanding teaching and deepening learning, so teachers and practitioners can make a difference for every child.

The program aims to connect those working in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) settings with early years teams so that everyone can benefit from their experience, knowledge and passion to inform understanding of how from which children learn and develop. It also offers the opportunity to work with employers and employees to create bespoke training offerings tailored to individual needs.

Councilor Eamonn O’Brien, Greater Manchester’s Head of Education, Work, Skills, Learning and Digital, said:

“Our greatest resource is our children, and we must invest in their early childhood education by giving teachers and the workforce the resources they need to inspire those young minds.

“To achieve our ambitions, the sector must have the right skills and the best training available to help our children reach their true potential, improve their results, increase social mobility and equip our companies with a talent pool. constantly increasing.

“We look forward to the launch of the Acorn training programs, as we strive to inspire the next generation to bigger and better things.”

Advise Greater Manchester youth manager Mark Hunter said:

“We know that the sector suffers from a significant shortage of skills. It is fantastic to hear that GMCA, with investment from the European Social Fund, is partnering with the Acorn Early Years training program to address this shortage.

“This is an important initiative to attract new talent to the sector and equip them with the skills and qualifications needed to pursue rewarding careers that shape the future of our children.

Gareth Saldanha-Fallows, Managing Director at Acorn Training, said:

“We are delighted to bring our expertise in early years training to Greater Manchester.

“We will partner with local employers in the early years sector to understand their business needs and provide tailored training offerings. Our training is designed to support business objectives, development and to ensure that they can continue to provide a high quality supply of care for children under five within their provisions.

“Learners are at the heart of everything we do, and our talented team of trainer and tutor assessors ensure learners are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to aspire, make great choice and success in their chosen career within the Early Childhood Sector.

The program will benefit:

  • Individuals working in primary schools
  • Maintaining kindergartens
  • Private, voluntary or independent sector
  • Those who work as childminders

Available trainings include:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding
  • Development stages
  • Development issues
  • Teamwork around children
  • Backup, Health & Wellness
  • Human ressources
  • Safer recruitment and selection
  • Best practice
  • Vocational training, education and training

The Skills for Growth program is available through GMCA securing funding from the European Social Fund to implement a three-year program, partnering with businesses and training providers to create new career opportunities. learning for employed residents of the city-region.

Throughout the program, GMCA will collect information from companies, which will be used to shape new training programs. This unique and truly employer-led approach means that GMCA creates a solution that fits its purpose.

To apply for Early Years Training, please visit: Skills for Growth – Early Years – Acorn Training Ltd

For more information on training opportunities available in different sectors of Greater Manchester, visit our ‘live training programs’ page: www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/skillsforgrowth

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