Sahitel DB105C

Published: Aug 2nd, 2009 | Author: admin Add Comment

Obviously a bit strange to hear the name Sahitel also present in the digital camera products for this brand is more commonly known as telephone devices or Mini Compo. Sahitel apparently tried to diversify in order to better reach more customers. Well, the product called Sahicam DB105C is one of a series of digital cameras offer image resolution capability up to 10 megapixels. How to pull this gadget?

With dimensions also tend to be conventional and thick (3.5 cm), this camera is less attractive than the slim models that are now crowded players echoed popular camera. But apparently deliberately Sahitel make low-profile camera that features quite competitive with the resolution and the ability to involve the selling price.

Model navigation buttons are also likely to be less exclusive but still easy to use. Unfortunately slippery material tends not to make the grip (grip) feels solid. Be careful when you hold it with one hand.

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