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DATE: November 11, 2017

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Welcome all, Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable chart forex experience while it’s still free.
Chart Forex: Access live forex charts in beginner, intermediate, or expert level. Powercharts, NetDania, FXTrek, and Markerscope currency trading charts available.
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Want Video PROOF?

With all the people putting screenshots up these days, even I wonder how many of them are taken off other sites or Doctored up using Photoshop. So if you are like me, you like to see REAL PROOF. So I figured you would want to…

Watch This Video of My Trading Forex Account…

From: Ray W. Schwartz
Re: From $5,000 to at least $1,872,939 PER YEAR

The shortest sales letter youll ever read…

Dear Soon-To-Be Forex Trader Profiteer

Hi, this is Ray W. Schwartz. Your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to the point.

If you’re ready to start making BIG money from Forex trading, this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

There is every chance that I will offend some of the so-called ‘experts’. You see, they are happy for things to stay how they are…

I, however, have had enough of the empty promises being made about “can’t fail” trading systems… and so I’ve decided to tell it like it is.

6 years ago, I was working a dead-end job in a vitamin store. The work was physically demanding and the pay was lousy (in fact, it was barely above the minimum wage).

Tired and frustrated, I made a pledge to find out how to make money from Forex trading. You see, I knew it was possible to make thousands of dollars a week from Forex trading… it was just a case of finding out how to do it.

I tried countless trading systems and invested in numerous services… but I wasn’t getting any results (in fact, I had actually made a loss overall).

Long story short, I eventually cracked the code to profitable Forex trading and was able to fire my bosshole and live the life I always wanted.

If the truth be told, I’m just an average guy who was lucky enough to stumble onto the winning trading strategies that the Forex professionals have been greedily hiding from us.

Anyone can do what Ive done. And in a moment, Ill show you exactly how you can use this very same system to start making quick income now – even if you have no trading experience.

But first, I want to start with showing you what I first saw in 2004 and tell you why I got so excited.

Notice that even when price didnt make a huge move this guy still gets out with a profit and you arent going to believe what that adds up to.

Heres a shot

Let Me Sum This Up For You Because The Results
Are No Less Than Amazing.

The Set-ups Are Highly Unusual, Theres NO REASON He Should Be Right…

But He Is…Almost EVERY TIME!

Without going through them one by one let me just tell you that what amazes me the most about these trades is they have nothing in common like support and resistance, or oversold/over bought conditions, theres not a “bounce” area – NOTHING like that.

I went through every indicator/system I know of, I even started laying down the moon cycles from the delta strategy.

I was determined to reverse engineer this strategy but all I did was loose sleep for a few nights in a row.

After careful consideration and a few conversations with my friend the “mediator” I was forced to offer a cash price.

It was an insult I know but I had to start somewhere. I offered $5,000 cash. Thats right I said cash (lol) and of course he came back with a much larger number.

I still think its crazy, but time is money and I want it now, and I want to start immediately.

The Bottom Line Is I Bought It, For A Very High Price Tag

Lets get right to the point…

This offer is for 100 people to share it with me. In exchange for your money I will give you the exact formula I use to earn $150,000 per MONTH on Forex.

You will completed NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT that says you will share the information with know one or risk a sever lawsuit.

I need to make sure you understand that if you try to sell this information or share it on forums or other public venues your butt will be sued immediately and the consequences will be severe, PERIOD!

This is for the protection of everyone including you.

Im Inviting A Certain Kind Of Person

I want to work with smart people on this because I dont want to be bogged down with people who have no idea of the value here.

I dont mean smart because you have a PhD., although thats fine, I just mean you have a head on your shoulders and your not going to slow me down TO MUCH.

If this doesnt “Blow your mind” then this is definitely NOT FOR YOU.

Heres a brief bottom line of the system.

You will miss about 1 in 20, but you will do well on 19 out of 20.

Listen Carefully Here, And If You Have Questions
Write Them Down And We Can Discuss Them

With almost all other systems, youre given indications of when to enter or exit a trade. What happens if the entry indication is incorrect? You lose!

My system is a logical concept for governing chaos. The chaos being the unpredictable outcome of market movement.

Regardless of your entry position taken, you will limit loss and come out a winner in the end.

Not only I will show you how to make a profit, Ill show you how to ELIMINATE risk while doing so.

I am NOT selling you an automatic sofware that makes trades for you promising millions of percent…(they do not work, trust me)… Automated trading systems can be extremely dangerous and can result in the loss of profit.

It is extremely dangerous to allow lifeless, unintelligent code to make decisions about your money and the practice should never be implemented in my opinion.

Dont waste your money on absurd software claims of riches & automatic profits! There is a reason they are selling this stuff! It simply does not work. The Forex market is too dynamic & ever changing for these automated rip offs!

There is so much hype & bad information surrounding the Forex market it is staggering! Everywhere you look there is a magic strategy & promises of riches.

95% of traders will lose a lot of money,
and thats a fact!

Why? Because they bought into some magic strategy that doesnt make money. You cant buy fancy software, sit back & think you have to do nothing & get rich!

This is a professional worldwide business with central banks & thousands of private & public companies taking part. Do you think they rely on some $300 software they got off the internet?

No, they have real traders in the market every day trading their money..I will show you how to be a real trader!

This Is Not A Course On Technical Analysis,
In Fact It Isnt A Course At All…

Its like this. There are people who make money on Forex, and there are people who lose money. Then theres the select few who make fantastic returns, and then you have the elite.

These are the guys and gals who tear it up as if they have some sort of crystal ball. They have a system, and a set of parameters that they use day in and day out with minor adjustments due to market conditions, but they all have one thing in common. They kick ass at making money on Forex.

The goal with this material is to build up to a 100K account, and then with that your free to make your self a millionaire many times over. I know that part sounds like a pitch but I had to throw it in because its true.

Ill give you a detailed explaination of the formula, Ill show you how to apply it, and Ill give you actual real life examples of my personal tradings where I used it.

You and I (plus your fellow classmates) will be the ONLY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET with this information.

Its nearly impossible to put a price tag on a system that a veteran Forex trader has perfected over many years.

Any system that can generate consistent large profits in varying market conditions while keepin risk to an absolute minimum is worth a lot of money…

But Dont Worry Youre Not Even Going To Pay $997

So whats the asking price? . . . What would you expect to pay for a genuine winning system — a system that can literally earn you a living?

What would you pay for a proven profitable business thats completely mobile?

Dont make the mistake of thinking Im offering some useless system.

My system is a long-term winner that can REALISTICALLY provide you with a income.

So here’s the deal…

Im asking for US$297.00.

I’m giving you a ONE TIME opportunity to completely OWN the Pipeline Forex System.

This means you can actually have your OWN copy of the course – FOREVER.

But before I give you my system, I want to be assured you wont pass any part of it around under any circumstances, even if its just the primordial variant.

My material is copyrighted, and I worked too hard to give any part of it away for free.

But it gets better because …

My Guarantee Ensures That Either YOU
Succeed Or You Dont Pay…

Our Normal Price is $297


Heres how it works…

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