Asrock Ion 330

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Chipset has an important role in the performance of a computer. The reason is the chipset that regulates the data traffic between the processors to memory, hard disk, and other components. His role will be even greater if the functions of these computer graphics are onboard, because it means the graphics chip in the chipset.

As the maker of the Atom, Intel has a favorable position in terms of chipsets. Almost all the netbook and nettop on the market today use Intel 945GSE chipset, this chipset but comparatively “old” and has a relative performance is not special.

Well, the role that Intel 945GSE try rocked by nVidia chipset through ion. nVidia claims, Ion will provide a much better performance than Intel 945GSE great, mainly from the graphics that become the mainstay nVidia.

Asrock 330 ion is one of the few products that pair the Intel Atom chipset nVidia Ion. This product itself comes in the form nettop small size. The price is also cheap (U.S. $ 350), although the records you still have to buy a monitor, mouse, and keyboard separately.

Use of Ion chipset makes this nettop has an HDMI port, one thing that did not meet in the nettop Anad which uses the Intel chipset 945GSE. In addition to HDMI, on the rear panel you will also find an Ethernet, 6 USB ports, VGA Out, and audio ports. At the front, just a DVD Writer, with no USB port or multiple audio as we meet in the PC today. This is quite unfortunate because we have to make a little trouble to install the flash on the back side. Which also should be noted, 2 of 6 USB ports will be used by the mouse and keyboard because there is no port PS / 2 in this nettop.

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