Samsung B2100 Xtreme

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Said the producer, Samsung B2100 Xtreme can take up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter again. Well, this opportunity would signal just how extreme jajal nih. The intention would be soaked and dropped at a height of approximately 2 meters .. More extreme again, we put on the abnormal temperature yuk …

Bodinya the Dilongok of red berbalur black, macho image are visible when held tambunnya design. Sturdy indeed. Ease back full wave, so it is possible to not slip in the hand grip.

Freestyle and the typical style of outdoor hape inherent in the texture as a whole. Starting from the front to the rear all wrapped up, and without interruption. It seems deliberately, I’ll always be water resistant and dust.

Now we comb the same, the front cover appear the B2100 Xtreme no display screen is too wide if not to say tiny, just 1.77 inch 120×160 pixel density, and stretch the rubber keypad is designed to be protected from all dirt and liquids. Comfortable when push the button, and not too hard, as well as navigation and the execution button located in the middle.